Types of games played

Paintball is a sport with various types of scenario games, like swimming has different styles, so does paintball. In paintball there are various types of games with three basic styles.

Elimination games

This usually has two sub-types. Team elimination and individual elimination. For the team elimination game, there are two teams both with the aim of eliminating the other team in a given time limit.

The individual elimination has no teams but the goal is to survive and shoot others down. The person who has shot the most players in a given time limit wins. It’s the same with the team type elimination game. The team which has shot the most opponents wins. This game helps players get used to the field and their equipment but isn’t good for a whole day plan. This is good to start the day or to end it for players who still have paintballs left and want to use them up.

Occupation games

This game is simple to understand but hard to play. It’s good for big fields. You can divide the areas and have a hanging post for a flag. The team that occupies the most areas by marking it with their flag in a given period of time wins.

Capture the flag games

These are the games that are most popular with not only new players but old as well. They are a combination of various strategies such as speed, defensive, offensive, speed, conservative and even gambling. These games give different responsibilities to different players and have different versions of capture the flag so it’s hard getting bored of.

The standard capture the flag game has two teams. Each team has its opponent’s flag. The aim is to get to the other side, retrieve your flag and bring it home. There is usually a time limit (20 minutes) at the end of which if no team has retrieved a flag a point base system is used to record the scores. (Points for picking up the flag, flag in motion, per opponent eliminated and so on)

A variation of the standard flag game is Center Flag. In this game the flag is places an equal distance from both teams (or a distance that takes both teams the same team to reach it (barriers on both sides are preferably mirrored). The aim of the game is to take the flag and bring it back to your base and hang it on the flag holder, or you can change this to taking the flag to the opponents base (harder, and will drag the game on)

The player carrying the flag can pass it on during play, though if they are shot or eliminated they must then immediately drop the flag and leave the field. Any player from any team can retrieve it from its current position and continue the game.

If there is a time limit and there is no winner at the end of this, then the same point based system can take place to determine the winner.

Speed ball

Speedball is basically, center flag played on a speedball court. As the name suggests the game is faced paced and is usually kept to 5 minutes. On a speedball court both sides are mirrored and the flag is kept equidistant from both team bases in the centre of the field.

Command and conquer

This game has two teams. The commanding and the conquering. The field needs to have a fort type shed or set up. In this ‘fort’ should be a designated number of players from the commanding team. The rest of the players from the commanding team should be anywhere on the playing field. The conquering team begins on a decided spot on the field. The objective of the game for the conquering team is to eliminate the players in the fort. Eliminating opponents that aren’t part of the fort doesn’t help the conquering team to win. The conquering team needs to make sure there is at least one player inside the fort in order to win.

Predator and prey

In this game there are two teams. The predator and the prey. If the prey is marked by a predator they join the predator’s team. If a predator is marked by a prey, they are completely eliminated. There should be more prey members than predator members.


This game is often played by new players to get used to the game or by players that want to hone their skills. Two teams start out on either ends of the field and make their way to the other end. Once shot they turn around and start once more from the base. There is no aim to the game. You should keep a time limit as there is no signal for an end.

Big games

This really isn’t a game type but is a game that can be a re-enactment of a historical event. Various paintball equipment can be used such as paintball grenades and such. A huge field is usually required to play this as there are over 50 players participating.

Off handed

Players can play any game (capture the flag, elimination and so on) but with the hand they aren’t accustomed to. If they are right handed, they should use their left hand.


Before holding a tournament, you should make sure you have a large number of paintballer’s that will be willing to play. If word goes out far enough and you have big prizes, professional teams may come as well – which will boost the image of your field.

It would be wise to hold mini tournaments to get the hang of running one and smoothening out the cracks before holding a national tournament or one of a large scale. There are four main types of levels that you can except that usually have the following characteristics.

Beginners – These don’t usually come as a ‘team’ but as a group of friends. Make sure the rules of the games are understood completely. Most of these players don’t come with their own equipment

Novice – This team hasn’t played in tournaments, or has only played the local tournaments (the mini ones). It’s likely some of them have their own equipment

Amateurs – This is a team that’s played in tournaments and may have won a few prizes now and then. Most of these players have their own equipment.

Professionals – This type of team has won first place in national tournaments and usually have their own equipment.

Team sizes

This can depend on the type of game being played, a 3- 5 man team is usually sufficient for small short games.

Number of teams

This would depend on the number of fields you have. The more games being played simultaneously the more potential your tournament will have for other games and to make it more exciting.


In tournaments, rather than wins and losses, it’s usually points that the scoring is settled by. (Score for picking up the flag, eliminating an opponent and so on).


The entry fee for the tournament should reflect on your prizes. If you are offering something like a vacation, your entry fee should be high. You should state your prizes according to the estimated number of teams that will be playing. If you have a small number of teams playing, and you are offering a vacation, you may run the tournament at a loss. Trophies are usually the safest prize to go with, though it may not attract many players that are looking for something monetary or different.

You should be aware that you are trying to achieve a goal when planning a tournament. If you are trying to make a profit, try and keep overheads low. If you’re trying to create publicity and improve on your fields image or spread the word, make sure the marketing is being done according to plan or better.

It would be wise to get a paintball color that is hard to get for participants, so they have to buy the paintballs from you and can’t bring their own paintballs. You should be aware of your breakeven point so you have a basic idea of how many teams you need and how many paintballs you will need to make sure are sold.

You can call the tournament off if not enough players sign up. Its better this, than to run at a loss. You should call all the teams together before the start of the tournament and go through the house rules and go through any problems the players might be having.

Make sure you have a scoreboard that the players can easily see and keep track of what place they stand on.


You can invite local paintball magazines to your tournament. They will be likely to take pictures and write an article about the event and your business. If you have a website, you should fill in the details over there as well along with pictures, and if needed a video.

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