The significance of revenue centers

Game fees

Your average entry fee per player can be found by dividing the total game fee revenue by the number of players. If say you had 40 players and have a total of 500 that would mean that you’re charging 12.5 per person. If however you’re charging 15 per player, your total should be 600, you or your staff may have let someone in for free or someone must have misplaced or taken some money from the game revenue. This helps make sure you have all your revenue and know if you are running short.


This is your main source of revenue. People tend to spend the most on these. Make sure you have a suitable profit margin that doesn’t increase the price over your competitors but still yields a profit. You should keep an eye on your paintballs in case of any fraud or attempt to take extra without paying. Keep count of how many you have at the start and at the end of each day. The difference should match with your sales and accounts. These methods won’t help you identify the problem but they help letting you know if you have a problem – which is always the first step.


These need to be priced according to the costs. Try buying items that are high in demand in bulk, that way you can receive bulk discounts.


These yield high profits as the costs are very low especially if bought in bulk


These are another beneficial sale as many consumers once they start playing can get hooked to paintball; this encourages them to buy better equipment and the latest types of guns, jumpsuits and so on. You should keep track of which staff member sells the most items and which staff member is barely making any sales. You can the accordingly place members in positions that best suit them. (Check if the reason in the difference in sales has something to do with their shift timings or just luck with the type of customers visiting.


You should make sure the total pay your staff receives is lower than your total sales revenue. Try and keep your labor cost figure to a minimum. You can achieve this by employing part time. This way you can pay by the hour, thus not paying for time they take off or when your field is closed.

Per person averages

By knowing how much exactly you gain per person, you can estimate the amount you need to order when you’re low on stocks. This way you have an idea of how much is used every month and in various seasons. Keeping a record of your accounts and business is important for you to keep a track of your profitability and helps you realize what changes can be made or if there is money being tied up or lost in any department. Having an accountant is would help in keeping accurate records.

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