Paintball defined

Paintball, a game first played in 1981, has become one of the world’s most exciting outdoor team sports. Paintball is played by two rival teams on a field with various goals depending on the game played. The path to ‘victory’ is made by shooting at the opposing team with paintballs – tiny mock bullets filled with bright paint – using a paintball gun, which uses CO2 gas as a propellant. Once a paintball hits an opponent it breaks and marks him/her with the paint which then means that the hit participant is out of the game and is forced to leave the field. The game is won when a team fulfills the objective of the game – which can be the successful capture and return of the opposition’s flag, elimination of the other team or taking over their area – mentioned are just a few of the many other types of games.

This can be played in an indoor field or – what is usually the case – an outdoor field. Depending on the country your playing in settings differ, preferred however, is an area in which players can easily camouflage themselves. Portable fields are quickly gaining popularity as they can easily be set up and have the advantage of protection from harsh weather conditions depending on the type of field – covered or open. A time limit is allocated to games, which doesn’t usually exceed half an hour, during which players are equipped with paintballs, guns and protection (it may depend on the type of game being played). They then play out a strategy that is designed to mark out the opponents and secure their objective. Paintball – just like any other sport, is fun, relieves stress and exercises participants. The game requires team work and every player is essential to the team’s chances of success.

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