Paintball Equipment

Required Playing equipment

Arm bands (rental)

While playing paintball it’s hard differentiating between teams, making it hard to know who is in your group. These arm bands are elastic and are worn on the left arm. The ends are joined together with Velcro; the elastic ensures that it stays on by fitting itself around your arm. They come in bright colors, the brighter the better as it’s easier to spot.

Barrel Plugs or Covers (rental)

Barrel plugs or Covers are absolutely necessary. They prevent any accidental shots from hitting anyone. Barrel covers are usually preferred as their easier and faster to use. Many paintball markers have a trigger safety button but it isn’t recommended to count on them in case they don’t work, barrel covers and plugs are easier to spot making it easy for your field’s staff to make sure all guns are safely covered.

CO2 tanks (rental)

Paintball markers need CO2 tanks in order to work. These tanks come in various capacities 9 ounces being the standard. This can usually last a player through most of the day. You may need to do some research on how to handle it safely as CO2 is compressed gas and is temperature sensitive.

Paintball goggles (rental)

Paintball goggles are a very important part of your protective gear as your eyes if shot at may cause permanent damage. Paintball goggles are basically a single goggle lens for eye protection attached to a plastic cover that protects your face and ears. Make sure the lens can withstand paintballs at least up to 300ft/sec. there’s usually foam lining the inside of the mask for internal protection and comfort. It would be best to take masks whose foam doesn’t absorb the moisture from the players face as this isn’t only hygienically approved but makes cleaning easier.

Paintball loaders or hoppers (rental)

A paintball loader is an instrument that is attached to your marker; this is basically your guns feeder. The amount one loader can carry depends on the make and design. Make sure your customers don’t overload the feeder as if its stuffed the paintballs may jam together and won’t fall through.

Paintball markers (rental)

There are three main types of markers that are in use, pump action (hardly used these days), semi automatic and fully automatic. The semi automatic markers are usually the standard for tournaments and fields. Fully-automatic markers fire continually when the trigger is pressed. In the standard automatic markers, there are two basic types; standard basic or ACT (Anti Chop Technology) which is recommended as it prevents ball breakage inside the gun. There are also the electronic markers that are at times used in tournaments or personal use. The main feature is the trigger being faster and easier. Ramping is a feature in some electronic markers that automatically changes the mode of fire from semi-automatic to fully automatic under certain conditions; normally upon a certain number of rapid shots being fired or a minimum rate of fire achieved and sustained.

Staff Equipment

Air horn

There are two types of air horns in use today. The standard and the CO2 air horns. The standard air horns can be used for about three to four weeks depending on use. The CO2 air horns are refillable and recommended as it saves on having to buy a new one every month. If you’re operating a small field you can make do with a whistle.

Bright Colored Vests or Shirts

Having your staff dress in bright colors will reduce the chance of them getting hit by wayward shots. It will also help players easily be able to spot staff if anything is needed.

Referee Paintball Goggles

These goggles tend to be brightly colored and some come without face muzzles so the referee is easily able to blow the whistle and be able to talk without being muffled.


A paintball squeegee is usually a stick with a cloth attached to the end of it. This instrument is used to clean the markers barrel. This is usually a necessary item and should be kept close to the field, at the staging area and at the target area.

Operational equipment

Arm Bands (rental)

Explained under Required, Playing Equipment.


These are plastic bags that are used to sell items, such as paintballs.

There are various things that may require batteries, 2 way radios, and flashlights and so on. The customer may also require batteries for their electric ammo loader.


This is a necessary marketing tool that helps inform customers about your business. This may also help pass the word on if a player takes on and passes it on to his friends. You should hand these out at the end of the game when the customer is hyped about how the game went and is considering coming again. Keep in mind the next time the customer comes he may bring along a different group of friends.

Business cards

These are smaller and can easily be kept in the customer’s wallet. With this they have easy and quick access to contact details. You should keep some with you so you can hand them out to people you meet outside of your business location that may be interested.

Changing rooms

These are required for the customer to change in and out of their overalls easily.


You should be able to measure how fast the markers being used (rental and personal) shoot paintballs (muzzle velocity). The machine used to measure this is called a chronograph. There are basically two types of chronographs. One uses radar to measure speed, while the other uses a sensor.

The chronographs that use sensors look somewhat like a field post, with two bands of light, one following right after another. To use it, you have to shoot a paintball through the two bands of light and the chronograph, in turn, measures the time it takes the paintball to travel from the first band to the second. The velocity is then displayed on a screen. With the radar types, you merely rest the end of your marker in the unit's rubber groove and shoot. The radar clocks the paintball about eight inches away

Client information

You should have a list with you, either on a book or on a clipboard, with the details of the deal you just made. Having this in hand will not embarrass you if you have forgotten the name of the group you’re taking to the field or the prices you quoted.


Providing prepackaged food items such as energy drinks, water, soda, candy and crisps to your customers will sell well. If you plan on having your own kitchen and providing freshly prepared food you should check into any requirements by the health department and if there are any licenses you need to acquire in order to do so.

Copies of business registration

You should keep all legal copies for your business (licenses, permits, registration, leases) at hand in case officials do a check up or if someone irked by the ‘guns’ may file a complaint.

Fill station

A fill station is an instrument used to refill CO2 bottles. These connect the bottle to the main tank. The fill station has a bleed valve, in case you need to chill them or if you may have overfilled the bottles.

Fire extinguisher

You may be required by the law to have a certain number fire extinguishers at hand. Even if you aren’t, you should have them at hand in case of any emergency.

First aid kit

You should always have a kit nearby as cuts, bruises and injuries are likely to occur. Make sure you have bandages in all sizes, butterfly bandages, disinfectants, cotton swabs and any other items necessary. Make sure you keep the kit in a dry place where dirt isn’t able to reach it.


Players have to sign liability waivers. These have all the rules, procedures and risks the individual may get during play. Your insurance company may provide you with this. They should give you some guideline on the age limit and who should sign the waiver if the player is below it.

Having a checkout sheet system when players rent items will make things easier and quicker for you. You’ll be able to tell what equipment is needed by a player at a glance. This will also help you keep a track of your equipment and how many times it has been used. (You can adjust quantities of these items accordingly, which will help make the best use of your storage space). If players are buying items from you should have receipts and invoices.

Some fields have personal equipment form that people who bring their own gear have to read and sign. This is signed after their equipment has been checked by a staff member.

Inflatable Bunkers / Old Tires / Fortification

These are the obstacles placed on the field. Players can hide behind these or use them for protection. Inflatable bunkers are preferred as they are easily movable and make your field look professional. Old tires are cheap and easy to find. These just need to be stacked, tied and painted. You can also use tubes and various other obstacles, though you should make sure they can’t harm anyone and can withstand a paintball being shot at them. Having something that can be cleaned easily would be best.

Marker oil/grease

This is used to make sure the mechanism of the gun works fine and doesn’t rust


This is used to cover the perimeter of the field as a wall or a barrier. It can also be used to create a mock roof.

Paintball Loader Tubes

Players can carry their paintballs in these, either while running (attached to their harness packs) or otherwise.


Paintballs will be your most consumable product, thus buying this in bulk will not only benefit you due to lower costs but may on busy months, keep storage costs low. You may have labor costs of dividing these bulks into smaller quantities.

Parts kit

Your equipment will require maintenance as time goes by. You should have a number of spare parts such as springs, seals and so on.


You should have these on hand as players will need to fill out forms and you yourself will need to jot things down.


CO2 bottles are measured by weight. A 9 ounce bottle should be no more than 7 ounces transferred into it. The bottle should be weighed before filling it and after filling it. Once those two are subtracted you find out what the ‘weight’ of the CO2.


You should have signs up with directions, requirements, prices, warnings and safety warnings. If your area is open to vandalism you should take them down when you’re not in operation. If the area is barred and you have a permanent residence you should place them permanently.

Spray Bottles

These bottles contain, water and defoggers, you can also fill them with other cleaning solvents. Be sure to label the bottles as some liquids can harm goggle lenses.


Explained under Required, Staff Equipment.

Telephone Line

You will need some way for customers to be able to call you and book the field. Suppliers can use this number to contact you as well.

Toilets / Portable

You players will need some place to relieve themselves. It would be recommended to have two different areas for males and females.


You should be prepared for anything when operating a paintball field. Having a toolbox and a shovel will come in handy.


Having trashcans spread around the area will help it stay clean and reduce injuries. You can have recycle bins as well; this will put you in good light with the community.

Water/power drinks

Dehydration, especially in the Middle East, is a huge problem. Playing paintball makes players sweat in addition to the dehydration lost due to the heat. You can either sell water or have water dispensers set up. You can provide energy drinks for players that get tired but want to play another round or have to drive home.

Optional Playing equipment

Chest protectors (rental)

This absorbs the shots from the paintball guns. The 32 Degrees Chest Protector is lightweight, stays cool and despite how thin it is, it works effectively.

Elbow pads

These help avoid scratches and bumps when sliding on the ground during play. It also fends against bruises from shots. Elbow pads with hollowed EVA padding wraps all the way around, covering the inner arm and providing more protection. The hollowed chambers of this foam allow more air circulation around the forearm by keeping areas of the pad away from the skin, giving the pad a lighter feel.

Gloves (rental)

These protect your hands from the pain and bruises from paintballs. Some come ‘fingerless’ which protects your knuckles and the rest of your hand, this makes it easy for you to pull the trigger.

Harnesses/ pod packs

This is used to carry extra paintballs (in a paintball pod) on the field. Many a times the harness keeps bouncing around while running or slip down while crawling or running, having a harness with a Non-Slip Friction Pad would be recommended as this helps eliminate vertical and horizontal movement during play preventing paintball pods from slipping down or bouncing.

Knee Pads

This protects your knees from being scraped when sliding on the ground and absorbs the shock from paintballs hitting.

Neck protectors (rental)

Your neck is a very sensitive place and pulling up your collar doesn’t usually help. Neck protectors is usually a cloth covered foam that is Velcro-ed behind your neck. It should be like a tight collar and is very effective against shots.

Overalls/ jumpsuits (rental)

Jumpsuits cover players clothes and reduce a bit of the impact (very slightly – depending on the material) when worn on top of clothes. While playing many paintball players may stain their clothes – even if it can washout, they prefer to avoid it as much as possible. Some jumpsuits when splattered with paintballs can easily be wiped off. These can be rented to customers making it not only preferred by customers but buy game sites as well (cleaning costs, if with the right material, are almost eliminated)

Paintball pods

These are used by your customers to carry paintballs while on the field. Your paintball harness/pod pack is your carry case for it. This helps increasing revenue as players have to buy more paintballs to fill their pods with.

Staff equipment

Bull horn

Bull horns help your referee’s voice reach across the whole field. He can announce safety precautions insuring everyone has heard them. He can easily halt a paintball game if needed by using a bull horn


A whistle isn’t as loud as an air horn but it isn’t costly and usually gets the point across.

Operational equipment

Anti fog solution

While playing your goggle lens can fog up this can lead to players being unable to see. Paintball operators should have anti fog solution at hand to prevent this.

Cash register

Having a cash register means, the field can have a more detailed look into what sales is being done. Details are usually recorded when entered in. if the field doesn’t have access to electricity (rare cases) they can use money boxes or money drawers where employees put in all the money they receive. This method doesn’t provide any additional details for the field operator.


Having a mobile can prove to be useful, as it’s a direct line. If the landline is busy customers or suppliers can reach you easily. If the landline or electricity gets cut off you still have contact with customers or in case of emergencies, help.

Clip boards

Clip boards help you and your staff stay organized. You can have all you rules and requirements to refer to ready when needed. It also helps provide a professional image.


Having a computer on hand can help you keep records of everything without having files lying around. You can sort everything out easily and in case you need to confirm something you can access the net (if you have installed a router or have installed the internet). You can even email suppliers reminding them of deliveries.


If you aren’t using a refrigerator you can use a cooler to store beverages or items that need to stay cold.

Cover Shelters (old unused cars, towers, etc.)

You can use items that are found around the place or in scrap yards. You should make sure these items can’t harm anyone before placing them on the field.

Duct tape

Duct tape is something that is useful to have around. You can use it for quick fixes, to cover patches on jumpsuits or to even temporarily hold up signs.

Flagging tape

Flagging tape is brightly colored tape that is used to mark objects, either to draw attention to them for a game or to mark it off.


Various games in paintball require flags (‘capture the flag’). In order to play you require flags.


It helps you see if your electricity goes off. It also helps you see at night if the lights are dim and your playing field is a little way off from the sign in area.

Explained in Optional, Playing Equipment


You can use this too keep drinks cool in coolers or even for injuries (icepacks)


The paintball lanyards can be used to carry individual team's name badges or paintball guns

Reservation Book

By using a reservation book you can keep track of reservations that have been booked and be able to arrange games for participants that arrive without booking one accordingly.

Wrist bands

By using wrist bands, staff is easily able to tell players who have paid from those who have entered without playing.

Zip ties/ Hooks

Zip ties and hooks are a great way of fixing goggle straps safety screens and netting. These should be a part of your tool box which should have extras

Storage room

Having a storage room is essential for your business as you need a place to store all your equipment and extra supplies.

Big ticket items

ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)

These can be useful for driving around your field if you have a large piece of land which is separated for newbie’s, target and so on.


You can use this to provide fresh food for your players at a price or you can offer it to them for use for lunch at a price (or as part of the entry fee)

Camera/video recorder

Team photos and videos can be in demand by your participants. You can take these and sell it to them on CD’s


A compressor makes filling air tanks easier and faster.


If you don’t have electricity readily available on your site, a generator can produce enough to run a cash register, power tools and so on.

Refrigerator with freezer

This can come in handy for storing snacks and beverages. It can also create ice thus eliminating the need for buying ice or for having a cooler. You can also use this to chill CO2 tanks.

Tent/ Awning

The middle heat, known for its summer heat, may find paintball uncomfortable under the hot sun, having a tent set up to rest or a shaded area would be recommended.

TV/ DVD Player

You can use this to show the video you had taken of the players to them so they can confirm if they’d like to buy it or not.

Sound System

You can use this to create an atmosphere by playing trance or upbeat music to keep players in the mood or to make announcements.

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